About the Journal

Quire is the official scholarly journal of the Goddard Graduate Institute. The journal is published twice yearly and dedicated to advancing the scholarship, mission, and values of the Goddard Graduate Institute. 

Foundational to inquiry in GGI is an acknowledgement of the profound interdependence of disciplines and knowledges, as well as of human and more-than-human bodies. Understanding of social and ecological systems deepens with this acknowledgement. As part of our commitment to practices and strategies of decolonization we ask the questions: What is knowledge? How do we know? We honor “othered” forms of knowing: embodied knowing, ecological knowing, indigenous knowing, even as we challenge accepted ways of knowing and constructions of knowledge. We encourage students to embrace uncertainty and the unknown. We ask them to think about the conditions under which knowledge becomes powerful and for whom. We ask students to examine their positionality and to see how it may limit or enhance opportunities for connection and learning. We lift up the role of dialogue in research and ask students to listen deeply and openly enough to be changed by what they hear. Equipped with these values and understandings, and guided by their  unique passions and skills, GGI students are doing nothing less than restorying the world. 

Quire is a peer-reviewed journal committed to amplifying this world restorying by introducing innovative and creative scholarship to the academic conversation and beyond.